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Are you fed up feeling like you are just just surviving each day in life ? 

The therapy I offer is for all types of people, with all types of problems who need something to change and are ready to move from survive to thrive. 


Problems  can cause real pain and suffering making each day a battle to get through.

Whether large or small they can cause anxiety, stress, depression and feelings that are hard to put into words.

Some may feel, literally like a thorn in your side - never going away no matter how hard you think about them, try to ignore them or focus on other things.

Daily life becomes about just surviving , getting through each day trying to avoid conflict, upset or the harsh reality and finding ways to detach or numb yourself from feelings that are under the surface. 

These suppressed feelings can appear as frustration, irritability, a need to be in control or unpredictable behaviour.

Whatever your situation is, I am here to listen without judgement or advice giving . I am trained to help you understand and process these often complicated mix of  feelings and support you out of survival mode into a  life in which you too can thrive.



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I work with clients who feel stuck in a cycle of problems and want to take the first step towards thriving in life .

Would you like your relationships to improve ?

Would you like how you feel day to day to change ? Would you like to move forward in life?

Would you like to stop going over the same problem? 

If you are  thinking YES then please feel free to take a look around - I have plenty to offer you which can help to make this change happen. 

One to One Therapy

You will find clear details on the one to one Psychodynamic counselling sessions I offer face to face, online and by telephone at the foot of this page and under the counselling heading.

Thriving Lifelinks

A wealth of exciting free resources - link and  downloadable  resources which will keep you up to date and connected to the leading professionals across the world who's expertise lies in helping people led a thriving life.

Thrive Blog

Read more about how secrets, fears and childhood experiences hold us back from thriving.


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First Appointment

During the first session we can talk about what method of therapy fits in best with your life, what problems you would like to talk about and how we will work together

Regular Appointment 


Each weekly session is 50 mins , I can offer a range of times. Please call me to find out more about availability.

Online or Telephone  Counselling 


Flexible , convenient and  most importantly fits round you and your home and work life.



session times

I offer my clients a wide range of appointment times Monday to Saturday to fit with busy lives.

I can accept payment by BACS or paypal

Fees can be paid weekly or monthly


The Primrose Therapy Rooms are in central Chelmsford with free parking available nearby.