Tell me more about Counselling…

Psychodynamic counselling is one of many different types of counselling available for clients looking to improve feelings of wellbeing.

I have found this approach to be highly effective in helping clients process and understand their own feelings, responses and actions and creating an awareness that leads to lasting emotional change.

From my early 20’s I have been curious about how the mind works, gaining a good understanding of the different therapeutic approaches on offer as I looked for ways to better understand myself and my relationships with the goal of creating a more harmonious and fulfilling life for myself and my family.


This path led me to recognise that often stress and unhappiness arose from situations where we feel stuck or confused by our own behaviour and where we are unconsciously repeating patterns of behaviours that simply aren’t helpful to the lives we want to live.


My practice is founded on 5 years of BACP accredited training at Chelmsford Counselling Foundation and also 7 years of personal Psychotherapy - both of which form an essential foundation to providing safe and effective therapy. 

Counselling with me will be non directive (no homework or instructions) and will allow for space to talk freely about your worries and explore what may be contributing to these.

Over time we will start to understand what is going on for you unconsciously, your patterns of behavior, defence mechanisms, distorted self-concepts and how they may have developed over time. 


Awareness of these are the first step towards a change in how you feel and the life you are living.