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FREE 10 min telephone call to discuss options.

FREE Introductory session 30 mins to try out the software and see if it works for you.

REGULAR 50 min weekly online therapy session - £40


Thinking about whether ONLINE Counselling is for you ?


Counselling is mainly thought of as a face to face service, but in our changing climate it is important counsellors adapt to what clients tell us about their needs and lifestyle.

My work so far has mainly been set with two people in a cosy setting - comfortable chairs, warm lighting,  a few cacti  - each sitting a few feet away from each other and able to see and hear each other as we work together.

Coming regularly each week, clients can drive or walk to our session,  where we then work together on issues that are affecting feelings of happiness and well being.

This works well for people with a regular routine, transport , childcare and no issues that prevent them leaving the home.


But I know this doesn't work so well for people who are flat out busy ! who may struggle for child care, work long irregular hours , people who work away from home, people who are carers or young adults at university to name a few.


Or as we find ourselves now prevented from non essential social interaction due to Corona Virus restrictions.

Recently for several different reasons some of my clients have needed a different approach , where they can get the same therapeutic support in a convenient, flexible, effective way delivering them 50 minutes of uninterrupted counselling once a week. 


One of the things I have heard from them is how relaxed they feel in their home setting, in a more familiar environment. They can get a cup of tea at the ready, stay in pyjamas and fit this important part of their life in around other responsibilities. I have also heard how willing people are to adapt and talk from their car or hotel room.

IMPORTANTLY people don't have to change their lives to fit therapy in, it fits neatly around them.

So if online therapy is something that you've been considering, but you're worried that either it won't work for you or you don't feel confident with the technology, I would urge you to give it a try. There's nothing to lose, and potentially a world of change in your life to gain. 

You can contact me on this page to learn more, or  book a free 10-minute call to talk it over.  I also offer a reduced price 30-minute introductory session to try out the software and see if it works for you with no commitment.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



How it works 

1. We have a ten  minute call to discuss your enquiry and setting up our first online session.

2. I will email you details of the platform I use which is Zoom - How to join for free and your first invite. One simple click and we are connected through your laptop, ipad  or phone.

2. We can have a 30 min Introductory session to try out the software 

3. We can schedule in times which suit you and your life 

EASY as that !